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Thread: NSO Updates Thread

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    I saw most of the guys who didn't play around the ground, either during or after the game. Most of the seniors were showered and changed during the second half. Willo came out at full time, with is daughter on his shoulder. Bolton (J), Goodes and other senior players were on the sideline through the 4th quarter PACING to go on, they weren't given the chance. And in retrospect is was good that they weren't because the guys dug deep .... however, I was desperate for them to go on ... we looked like losing (having been ahead fofr most of the game) until the last few minutes!

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    Unhappy NSO Updates

    Declan O'Mahony listed as player in Record and on this site - still no front at game. Meant to ask Kennelly what was happening - but he was away before some of us had a chance to get all the autographs - unforturnately.!!!
    Anyone any wiser re our Irish Rookie??
    Love those Swans

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    According to Kennelly's brother He went back to Ireland and isnt returning.

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    That's a shame - we were never given any guarantees though. I know that he went back to Ireland to think about it. Who knows anyway, we'll hear from the club about it one way or another.

    177th Senior AFL Match - Round 4, 2009 - Sydney vs Carlton, SCG. This is obviously out of date. I suppose I'll update it once I could be bothered sitting down with the fixture and working it out....
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    Its hearsay but I gathered it was set in concrete. I agree that it is a shame as he would probably have had a great career out here.

    Neither side could be unhappy with the way they played and the press Aus wide seems to be happy with the young players of both sides. Both Roos and Sheedy can take heart from a good exhibition.


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