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Thread: Goodes - Australian of the Year!!

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    Firstly, I have issues with statements like "we still have so far to go" really annoy me, because so many of us are fair, understanding and incredibly culturally aware. Those who react with such bigotry really give the rest of us a bad name.

    Secondly, it's amazing in cases like this how the racist bloggers find a way to blame invisible "lefties", "the PC brigade" and so on. Well that's not who they're blaming here. Are they saying that they are better judges of who should have won the award and the contributions that Goodes has made to Australia than these people and these people Anyway, I have more to say but it probably veers too far off topic.
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    Adam Goodes is introducing Australian Story on ABC TV at 8pm tonight. Story is about a bush family and their passion for saving the world's oldest rock art.

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    I'll just leave this here.

    Bolt rant

    Lose all faith in life, humanity and the universe by reading the comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJK View Post
    I'll just leave this here.

    Bolt rant

    Lose all faith in life, humanity and the universe by reading the comments.
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    Some of these columnists are totally obsessed by the prism of left and right. Miranda Devine wrote an article 4 years ago on the movie Avatar, where she stated that director James Cameron was pedalling left wing ideology through the themes of the Avatar movie. I thought it was a Movie of Good Guys V Exploitive Guys.

    These columnists peddle their views under the realms of free speech. Some of their views are not written for the benefit of intelligent people who can appreciate that some issues are very complex in nature, with no simple answers. Unfortunately a huge section of their extensive audience believes there are simple answers and the World just needs a bit of a shake up by people like Bolt and co.

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    i read the Bolt comment and it made me feel sick. So much hate and fear. The comments people have made on the site are appalling. Makes me sad to think people have this bile inside of them.
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