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Thread: Overpaid Players

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    Does Jim Stynes give away a free in that clip?

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    I actually don't disagree with much of what Lyon says in this article. I agree 100% with Scully, Hunt, Davis, Hurley and Thomas. Naitanui and Betts are both playing OK now but were pretty quiet up until recent matches ... not earning the full value of their contracts yet IMO. I think he's a bit harsh on Shaw ... GWS really needed a leader in the backline and I think he is doing this. As for Jed Lamb, GWS clearly have not been able to develop him the way we were. he is playing in a team coming close to last but still can't lock down a regular spot in the top 22. This makes him overpaid right now IMO. As for Sam, its hard not to be a bit defensive of one of our own who the coach clearly feels is doing a good job fulfilling a niche role.

    So I'd only challenge Shaw and Sam being on his list.
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