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Thread: Round 19: Sydney Swans Reserves v Gold Coast Suns Reserves

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    Round 19: Sydney Swans Reserves v Gold Coast Suns Reserves

    We travel out to Blacktown International Sports Park this week to play Gold Coast. We have played the Suns twice so far this season. In the first game we gave them a footy lesson at home.

    Swans R. 19.17=131 to Suns 4.7=31

    On the second occasion it was far closer. They got a few player back and we lost a few due to injury. We also played them at Metricon as a curtain raiser to the Suns match.

    Swans R. 12.12=84 to Suns 9.12=66

    The suns will be packing a pretty good line up for tomorrow's match. They are almost at full strength but so are we. This week we get Membrey & Towers back from the Seniors but lose our most consistent player Shane Biggs, who is travelling emergency for the Port match. We also gain Zac Jones back from injury and Academy players from the Rams duty, including Abe Davis, Jack Hiscox and Callum Mills. The swans side is certainly strong but we are not playing at home and the NEAFL draw is flawed, in that several of our home games this year, have been played while our Seniors played away games. The NEAFL might consider Blacktown International Sports Park our home ground but we don't. Only five games this year are curtain raisers to the Seniors, which is unforgivable. I don't know who does the draw for the NEAFL but they might like to look at getting the Reserves as a curtain raiser, a bit more often.

    The teams for this week are;


    This information will uploaded to the NEAFL website so please fill in accurately and return by email no
    later than 9am Friday

    Round 19

    Sydney Swans

    Coach Jared Crouch


    Backs 22. Dean Towers 42. Xavier Richards 28. Matthew Dick

    HB 18. Jordan Lockyer 17. Tommy Walsh 31. Harrison Marsh

    C 29. George Hewett 50. Jordan Foote 53. Callum Mills

    HF 60. Abe Davis 1.Tim Membrey 51. Jack Hiscox

    FF 45. Patrick Mitchell 13. Toby Nankervis 30. Lewis Roberts-Thomson

    Rucks 35 Sam Naismith, 5 Ryan O?Keefe, 50. Mitch Wright

    Interchange; 10. Zak Jones, 6 Tom Mitchell, 33. Brandon Jack, 58. Ryan Hebron

    Emergencies; 49. Nick Hey

    Ins & Outs;

    In?s; 22. Dean Towers, 60. Abe Davis, 50. Jordan Foote, 53.Callum Mills, 51. Jack Hiscox, 10. Zak Jones, 58. Ryan Hebron

    Out?s; 46. Shane Biggs, 59. Michael Dickson, 49. Jackson Kelly, 27. Daniel Robinson, 54. Daniel Preen, 48. Jack Parker, 51. Vahid Rose

    The side will not line up this way, Towers will play forward, Zac Jones will start as will BJ & Tom Mitchell. We are very tall up forward, so expect to see one of the talls start on the pine.


    Round 19

    Club name Gold Coast Suns

    Coach Josh Fraser

    Captain Tom Murphy

    FB 29. Tom Murphy 20. Henry Schade 42. Michael Gugliotta

    HB 27. Clay Cameron 48. Seb Tape 31. Jackson Allen

    C 53.Darcy Trask 21. Jeremy Taylor 3. Timmy Sumner

    HF 43. Jarred Ellis 14. Matthew Warnock 45. Jack James

    FF 54. Dylan Mutu 38. Jack Leslie 55. Ben Beaven

    Rucks 57. Bradie Foster , 41. Leigh Osborne , 7. Karmichael Hunt

    Interchange; 60. Robert Blood, 49. Kieran LeJuene, 52. James Holland, 58. Craig Malone

    Emergencies; 51. Jayden O?Donnell,59. Matthew Skubis, 56. James Farley Smith

    In?s & Out?s

    In?s; Herbert, Hunt, Leslie, Mutu, Trask, Blood, Le Juene, Michael, Malone, Beaven, James, Hannaford

    Out?s; Matera, Taylor, Bowes, Macansh, Adkins, Goodall, Farley-Smith, Groves, Stokes, O?Donnell

    The Suns are 0-16 on the bottom of the ladder and we are 12-3 sitting fourth. We should account for them quite easily but they have a few players back and have been improving as the season has progressed. Expect a feisty performance from the Suns but I think it will be the Swans who take home the biscuits in this one.

    Swans by 30 points.
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    Thanks Wolfie
    Chillin' with the strange Quarks

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    Thanks Wolfie - nice work!

    And yes, those Swans make a pretty good team by the look of it.
    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    Nice work Wolfie.

    I think we'll get em by closer to 60 - the Suns reserves have been pretty poor.....

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    That's a very handy reserves team...would have thought the club would want Laidler playing some minutes over the weekend though!
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    Thanks Wolf
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    cant wait to watch Callum Mills

    will be interesting to watch the match up on Abe and particularly focus on his second efforts / work rate

    young Jordan Foote can play also
    "be tough, only when it gets tough"

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    Gold Coast ruckman Bradie Foster is off THE RECRUIT. It will be interesting to see how much he has come on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wedge.maverick View Post
    Gold Coast ruckman Bradie Foster is off THE RECRUIT. It will be interesting to see how much he has come on.
    Does this mean that he won THE RECRUIT (not likely as there is a special draft for the winner isn't there?), or was he voted off but picked up by the GCS anyway?

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    From Big Al's twitter

    Big Al @big_al_swans
    Swans 73
    Suns 40

    Q4 20min

    Flying shot from Richards hits the post. From the kick in Patty Mitchell finds Nankervis who kicks truly

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    are the final scores etc available

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    The final result was Swans 92 Suns 46.

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