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Thread: Help shape the future RWO

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    Lightbulb Help shape the future RWO

    Hello everyone

    I just posted a sticky on the main forum that I'd love to get your advice on as well. I'll repost the thread below, if you want to contribute within this forum. But I would appreciate it if you would take some time to head to this thread instead and add your view.

    You could use the thread below for NSW/ACT-specific comments.

    Either way, whatever works for you works for me!

    Take care


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    Hey folks

    I'm planning a total overhaul of RWO for next year that will give it a fresh new look, easier interface and more depth content-wise. After many many years in its current format RWO is ready to evolve; but we want to do this the right way, so it doesn't lose the sense of community that sets it apart.

    That's where you come in.

    My intention is to build an interactive RWO website, with the forum being the main feature of that website, supported by extra content that you would like to access. In this post, I'm asking you first what you want RWO to be. Any idea is welcome provided it is constructive, in that it gives the mods and I something we can deliver, and work with, while fulfilling your primary wishes. Think of this as a clean slate. Tell us what you want, give us a sense of priority, then we'll work on what we can do with what resources we have.

    Once we've locked in a direction, I'll then post a call out for volunteers to help manage RWO in different capacities going forward, be it a mod, a content contributor or any other role that is relevant in the new RWO.

    To keep this discussion structured, can I ask you to post your ideas by using these headings in your post. I've added guidance on each.

    Site role/purpose
    Right now, RWO is primarily a forum,with a supporting blog and a wiki. What additional roles do you want it to play? Keep in mind what you can already find on the official Swans and AFL sites.

    Main forum structure
    How can we simplify the categories to maximise engagement and discussion? What's redundant? What's missing?

    Main forum functionality
    We'll be implementing a simple but effective forum architecture. What functionality and features would you like to see and use?

    Main website features
    This is about content outside the forum. What would engage you? Video? Pictures? Social section? Swans player contributions (yes, I've asked the question and it is possible).

    Website look and feel
    RWO is currently built straight off a vBulletin platform. The new RWO will be a front end website, with an off the shelf forum embedded in that site, alongside additional features as above. We welcome your advice on the user interface, forum platform, presentation ideas etc.

    Innovative, left field ideas
    We're really interested in any innovative ideas that don't fit any of the above, or at the very least, links to other fan sites around the world that you really like.

    General comments
    Speaks for itself.

    I have met informally with Jenny at the Swans and outlined the broad plan. Jenny relayed on her behalf and that of the Club's that RWO - for itself and for the fact that it is a stand alone fan site - is very important in that it helps them listen to core supporters and manage any issues on their behalf. More importantly, they see RWO as a unique community that embodies the Swans culture and are keen to see it grow and thrive.

    Please don't feel like you have to respond now if you haven't thought about what you want. I'll keep this thread active until the end of July. We'll then finalise a plan, communicate it to you and hopefully, with a bit of hard work and some luck, we can all have a new RWO launched for the 2017 season.

    Thank you all in advance for your contributions....and go you good Swans!

    Cheer cheer

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    Hello RWOers, I've made some small changes to the forum structure.

    * all non-footy categories have been moved under the one forum "Other stuff not footy"
    * the categories 'current affairs', 'entertainment and technology' and 'sport' have been merged into one discussion 'open chat'.

    Take a look here: RWO -

    More changes to come.

    Captain, I am detecting large quantities of win in this sector

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