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Thread: RWO Game Day Thread - Round 9 - June 4-5

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    Quote Originally Posted by often_confused View Post
    If the weather wipes the round it would be absurd for the Sydney AFL to enforce the forfeit. There are at least 2 reasons:
    1. It denies the players an opportunity to play in a rescheduled game
    2. It punishes any team that forfeits early (thus assisting the opposition to arrange alternate training etc) and rewards teams that forfeit on the day.

    Campbelltown 19s and others should be afforded the opportunity of playing if other matches in the competition are rescheduled due to weather.
    Penrith have offered to allow Town to unforfeit. League said it should be OK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norris Lurker View Post
    Even without an apocalyptic weather forecast, it was always going to be a hard ask to get enough Under 19s to put their hand up to go from Campbelltown to Gore Hill for an 8:30am game.
    Camden did it last week in 19's Div 1. Put up a good fight too only going down by 50-60 from memory to first place Norths.

    Was talking to ex Parra 19's mentor over the weekend and was told Camden 19's got up this weekend against Syd Uni with 2 out playing NEAFL and two other top players injured but back next round.

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    Were any games played yesterday at Olds ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pmcc2911 View Post
    Were any games played yesterday at Olds ?
    Nah all rained out.

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    Here is my 2 cents. Under 15s, 17s, 19s football in Sydney still suffers from a lack of oversight and organisation. This years under 19s div 1 is being dominated by North Shore who have allegedly done the following:

    1. Developed an unhealthy relationship with the swans academy which may be impacting the flow of players to them
    2. Infiltrated St Ives further such that St Ives now takes out of town swans academy players sent by North Shore into the 15s and 17s with the agreement that they go to North Shore 19s
    3. North Shore is contacting Forrest players (and others) in the Under 15s/17s inviting them to play with North Shore

    I don't blame North Shore, I blame the NSW AFL who know that clubs will get resourced to chase talent, and yet do nothing when the registrations and transfers come in. The establishment of player lists in these under age groups should be carefully monitored to create an even competition. Why? Because it is in the best interests of the players.

    North Shore under 19s have been winning by big margins this year. One North Shore parent commented that they have not had a single decent quarter of competition yet. I think Nth Shore are resting players now, and going easy. I think that makes bad footballers not good footballers. Not only that, the same North Shore parents lamented that the chances of their sons getting a game in prems this years was next to none. They referred to the log jam of talent North Shore has. Contrast that with Manly who have two regular prems players aged 16 (Sam Wicks) and 17 (Jarrod Osborne), and the week before last blooded another 16 year old (Evan Kaporis). There are only 2 other 16 year olds in Prems neither of which are at North Shore.

    The Manly under 19s team is struggling partly because it has been out recruited by North Shore. Good on North Shore. In addition the relationship Manly has with the Giants, no doubt doesn't help with the swans.

    However it should be the responsibility of the AFLNSW to be aware when clubs are out recruiting and do something to step in to ensure the best competition for junior players. God knows they should know by now after the debacle that was the Pennant Hills under 17 super side. aa

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    To be fair, NS had to do something after they were decimated by Manly's evolution in recent years.

    I'm not familiar with the "zoning" in the area, do St Ives and Forrest not fed to the NS senior club?

    If they do, I don't see the problem, and in fact, I applaud NS for being proactive in transitioning kids to senior football - what every senior club needs to be doing.

    When you talk of "out of town" kids, I assume county based ... If you were the Swans Academy, who would you be directing kids to play with?

    I assume that you are from Manly? ... they did a great job not so long ago in this area ... what's gone wrong? ... not enough help from GWS!!!???

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    Under the old Pathway zones, North Shore and Manly had the same area; which includes Forest and St Ives.

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    Can hardly be angry at North Shore for getting involved in the junior clubs then if Manly didn't.

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    I agree. As I said, good on North Shore. It's the afl that should manage junior leagues better to create closer comps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barracuda View Post
    I agree. As I said, good on North Shore. It's the afl that should manage junior leagues better to create closer comps.
    I think the GSJ (Greater Sydney Juniors) do a reasonable job on keeping the junior (U/17 and below) reasonably even, despite the best efforts of some trophy hunting clubs.
    One club down south last year nominated their 17's in the div 3 comp, smashed everyone and were regraded to the Div 2 comp and made the finals.
    This year same club pleading lost players and small numbers renominated the same team for 17 Div 3, guess what they smashed everyone again and have been regraded to Div 2 again.

    U/19's are the responsibility of Sydney AFL.

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    You get that in all sports though. I coach an u17s rugby league side who play div 2. One team has made the past 3 gfs (won 2) and same thing every year, lost players, can't compete in div 1 etc and are now 5-1 with a percentage of ~300%.

    At least GSJ put the div 3 side in question up after 5 rounds (just had a look, assuming we are talking about the same side). In the jrl they wont do that to the side because they threaten they will fold so they just let them flog everyone every week.

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