Thanks, Meg. Great to have someone add to the conversation! Not sure if I should even call it a conversation when it's been just me talking to myself the past nearly 4 years.

I probably wouldn't feel so strongly if we were one of the clubs with an AFLW licence and I wasn't itching for someone to barrack for. I concede there are arguments both ways and I'm not well informed.

I also agree that Covid has set the cause back. We're not going to be able to bid for an AFLW licence until we have the facilities, and unless the club comes up with another plan, that means until the Royal Hall of Industries development gets back on track. I'd say 2023 is now the soonest we can hope for. Sad for the girls in the Academy if they graduate before then and hold hopes of playing AFLW in Sydney. Conversely, it will be a windfall for the rest of the AFLW, especially GWS. They will be able to swoop down on all the talent we have been nurturing! The AGM must be coming up some time soon. Hopefully we'll find out more then.