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Thread: Looking for Swans neckties

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    Looking for Swans neckties

    If anyone can help, I collect Swans neckties.

    So far I have 36 different different South Melbourne / Sydney Swans necktie designs ... but I�m always on the lookout for a design that I don�t already have, to add to my collection.

    If anyone has a Swans necktie that they don�t want or need, that I don�t already have, I�m happy to buy (or perhaps swap, as I have a couple of spares) & of course I�d pay postage.

    If you might be able to help, please either reply here or PM me.

    1) I wear a different one to work the day after each win
    2) no, I can�t have too many Swans ties!

    Thanks for kindly reading

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    Poor Mrs goswannies... she already complains there's no room in the wardrobe!!
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