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Thread: RWO Game Day Thread - Round 18 - August 17

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    How do you organise 13 competitions finals all on Saturday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by saviour01 View Post
    How do you organise 13 competitions finals all on Saturday?
    Utilise more ovals as a start?

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    Good start Blinkers. Plenty if options. For a start, first round maybe should be highest finisher has home games. Interesting that first week of finals has 10 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. As for Grand Finals, Prems always preferred Henson Park so why not play there on Saturday and Plats at BISP on same day. Other than that HQ feel committed to BISP after the GWS departure

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    Just means a couple of clubs miss out on 8k each.

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    Home clubs make money. No way clubs make 8k from round 1 of finals at a venue...though I have heard you like more than the one pie. Reckon you get a bigger crowd with home game finals.

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    21 matches week 2 compared to 22 in week 1.

    If you are going to do home finals week 1 why not the same in week 2?

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    Lack of Fenced off grounds to collect an admission charge would be problem

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    Finals - How to make it simple. Just have finals in Premier Competition.
    Premier – 1st Grade (Men & Woman)
    Premier – Reserve Grade
    Premier – U/19s
    All other grades 1st team on top of the ladder in the home and away season WINS
    No problem with grounds – No problem paying at the Gate – NO PROBLEM WITH PAYING UMPIRES

    Sorry I forgot - Play MASTERS too as it's very important for St George to win this. Brings the crowds back

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    Good idea that. Though I think at the half time in the Prem Div games that the lower division captains of the finals teams play scissors, rock, paper to decide the winner. Dont give them free entry either to boost the league coffers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5yearplan View Post
    Heard a interesting story and it will be interesting if the league does anything about it.

    It may be div three last round but apparently in Randwick v unsw.

    There were Randwick players basically all on dares including water runners

    Pulling players pants down
    Pulling laces out of players
    Beer in the water bottle and given to club umpire
    Cigarettes brought onto field

    Surely this is going to far.

    Whoever is running that club needs to take a hard look at what occurred and the league should come down hard

    That is garbage no matter what division
    wow if true thats shocking

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    It’s true.... sad but will no doubt be swept under carpet

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