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Thread: 2021 VFL discussion thread

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    I didn’t mention Bell because I think he’s solid and strong every game at this level and provides that toughness and backbone ...agree he had a really nice game

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    Clarke did have a great game ...he was everywhere and he seems to get better as the game went on..I probably didn’t mention him as I thought others showed more skill but he certainly was good
    We know he’ll get the possessions

    Ling sometimes does some dodgy little short kicks but he was solid along with the rest of the defence

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    Stephens and cor were very good like you noticed in the stats Ludwig
    I also feel like Stephens will be even better at the next level

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    I got distracted with other stuff at half time and didn't get back to the match, subsequently missing Naismith's return which I meant to watch. Great to hear he went ok and got through unscathed.

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    McDonald and Ling really pressing their cases for consideration.
    If we're going to manage Buddy, it would be reasonable for him to miss the Perth trip, and have Logan come in.

    Stephens seemed to be working better both ways. Would love to see it for another fortnight to really bang the door down and force selection.

    Would love to see Ling get a game soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig View Post
    I see from the stats that Clarke had 40 disposals + 3 goals, so must have had a good game with those numbers.

    Stephens with 37 disposals. COR with 27 and Ling with 21 seem good numbers if they both played in defence.
    Reckon Stephens touched every blade of grass.
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