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Thread: 2021 trading, drafting and list management: players and personnel

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    I doubt Parker will leave Sydney. He and his fiancee have just committed to their next home building project (for profit) in Sydney.

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    The media commentators are all mostly speculating. I think the evidence for us having a salary cap squeeze is:

    a) we have numerous unsigned players, including big names, and that suggests we are struggling to make suitable offers to them

    b) possible leaks from player agents who are seeking to boost their players' contracts.

    These are useful bases for speculation but it is not more than that.

    Also, the comment about a better pool of free agents next year seems dumb to me - surely that's just because they haven't been re-signed yet? By this time next year the pool will likely have shrunk to a similar size.

    I am firmly in the retain Parker camp. If we had to lose him we would manage but we shouldn't lose him and I don't think we will. It's very much in both ours and his interests that he be extended and I think ultimately that's what will happen. The club are probably saying something like this is the most we can offer you now but we will look at it further once we know the TPP figures for next year. It's only if we insult him by not even making a respectable effort to get close to his market worth that he will look at leaving.

    Incidentally, I wouldn't be confident of Parker getting a first round FA compo pick despite his worth. The age of the traded player is one of the factors weighed by the AFL when determining compo and Parker will be 29 in October.
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