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Thread: Changes for Round 5: Swans vs GWS

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    Changes for Round 5: Swans vs GWS

    Here we go:

    Out: Bell, truly useless, why he was there is beyond me

    Useless kicks to the side instead of taking the game on through the corridor

    Blakey, sick of his cheap shots on opposition players

    IN: Stephens; what has he done to not be included in the team?

    Rowbottom, we need some class back in the team!

    And yet again we had the appalling music screaming after every goal; why??

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    In: Rowbottom
    Out: Heeney, Bell

    Agree on the music, it has to go!!

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    I would be happy to see either Rowbottom or Hayward get a run this week.
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    Out: Heeney, bell, Blakey, McDonald
    In: Hayward, Rowbottom, McLean

    McDonald looked cooked at the end of last week and for all of this week. I know we have a 9 day turn around but I'd give him a week off. Heeney and Hayward are a like for like swap. If Rowbottom isn't up to it id bring Stephens in

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    It’s be nice to know how the likes of Hayward and Stephens are going in the reserves practice matches. Does anyone know when the actual reserves comp starts?

    Based in imperfect information, I’d go:

    Out: Heeney, Blakey
    In: Hayward, Stephens

    I’d like to include Rowbottom but if he hasn’t been able to run much over the last few weeks he may be best having half a reserve practice game.

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    VFL competition starts next week.

    Out : Heeney, Bell, Blakey

    In: Rowbotham, Stephens, Hayward

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    I would agree with Swany's suggested changes. I feel that Blakey's performances have been up and down. He was good in Rounds 1 and 3 and poor in Rounds 2 and 4.

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    McDonald looked a bit cooked for me but we do have. 9 day break .
    Heeney and McDonald out
    Hayward and Rowbottom or Stephens if Rowbottom is not ready

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    Blakey needs to stop being a angry lizard and should have a rest and learn to think more about his game choices . Stephens needs to be given a chance. The Bell experiment should be aborted. Hewitt on notice.

    Out : Heeney, Bell, Blakey

    In: Rowbottom ( if fit ) , Stephens, Hayward

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumarangk View Post
    Blakey needs to stop being a angry lizard and should have a rest and learn to think more about his game choices . Stephens needs to be given a chance. The Bell experiment should be aborted. Hewitt on notice.

    Out : Heeney, Bell, Blakey

    In: Rowbottom ( if fit ) , Stephens, Hayward
    Totally agree- poor Bell: he tries hard but apart from one great handball, did nothing. Blakey needs to smarten up and direct his aggression to the ball and not the man. A week or to in the ressies please.

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    I was very concerned about Hewitt last night, and thought him a bit of weak link in defence, although when he was up the field in a more midfield-like role he seemed more comfortable.
    It may be time to look towards another specialist backman to help Rampe and McCartin. Maybe Ling gets a crack? I'm not giving up on Hewitt, and thought that he was great against Richmond, but he does not look like a natural back.

    I thought that Essendon showed how to deny the corridor well. The SCG worked against us for sure, with much less space to work with. No opportunities to pick off the short passes and get the running game going. Luckily the down the line option kind of worked, as Reid was clunking them. The tiredness and light dew resulted in our boys being just half a beat behind where we were last week in terms of handling and clicking together the strings of play.

    I'd be interested in

    Rampe McCartin Cunningham
    Lloyd Dawson Campbell

    Florent Kennedy McInerney
    Mills Hickey Warner

    Papley Reid Gulden
    Wicks McDonald Franklin

    Rowbottom Parker Ling Stephens

    In: Ling, Rowbottom, Stephens
    Out: Heeney (inj), Hewitt (omitted), Blakey (omitted)

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    Logan looked exhausted in the last quarter. And needs to work on his ground ball gets a bit to be absolute cream. So it would not be a bad idea for him to rest for a bit longer and work on his craft.

    Bell hardly offered anything especially since he does not have the leap to get the marks in forward half and is a tad slow. I would have brought in Hayward. He would have been handy to work on Ridley.

    I did not understand the use of having bell as a medical substitute given the general feeling before the match should have been that the bombers are going to be exhausted just like us. Having a player who can be fast and break the lines should have been chosen - Stephens. Anyways

    Braeden also looked exhausted to me so Ling / oriordan will get a chance either in round 5 or 6.

    Gulden looked amazing, he was so vocal after the last goal by Buddy telling everyone of what they should be doing. His football brain is Well beyond his age.

    Hewett will stay in there for a few more rounds I guess. He has the tank, will get better at defence and can play defensive tagging role on some forwards.

    Not sure what’s happening with Stephens - hasn’t signed up as Warner, not getting a game - or have I missed something.

    Bell, McDonald, Heeney out
    McLean, Rowbottom in.
    Stephens - medical sub.

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