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Thread: Will there be a Sydney Swans AFLW team in 2023?

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    Will there be a Sydney Swans AFLW team in 2023?

    Expansion talks, potential club compo on cards at next Commission meeting
    AFL Commission will meet on May 12, with AFLW expansion clubs being one of two items on the AFLW agenda. There won't be expansion in 2022, but a 2023 expansion is possible.

    Sydney Swans do not have an AFLW side yet, but has an Academy for girls. Watch our Swans Academy girls in action

    Port Adelaide are the other club without an AFLW side that may be well placed to enter the competition, due to the strength of the Adelaide AFLW side.

    Are the Sydney Swans ready to add an AFLW side?
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    All depends on whether we sort out the Royal Hall of Industries and get that back on track.

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    While there is no facilities for them it's unlikely we'll be included in the next intake. It's a shame really as our best u/19 girls will probably get picked up by GWS. Jess Doyle, Maddy Hendrie and Issy McLeay all had excellent games in the U/19 Championships this week.
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    I would prefer we wait longer. At the moment AFLW would be a loss maker for us and there would be poor crowds.

    Having the academy is a fantastic start and gives us the best foundation for when we eventually get a team. It also means the quality of the overall competition should have improved by the time we play.

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    can Sydney (the city) supply enough quality players for 2 teams?

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    can Sydney (the city) supply enough quality players for 2 teams?
    Well, there are 6 million people so I figure probably. Swans badly missed the boat on this and it's quite likely there won't be further expansion for some time. A real shame.

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