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Thread: Changes Round 6 V Gold Coast Suns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kafka's Ghost View Post
    Definitely wish Dawson would take the kick-in or be the short receiver. Lloyd's "long" kick-ins lack penetration, direction, speed through the air and imagination. If they find a teammate it's more good luck than anything else.
    Yep. Would people be happy if I referred to Jordan Dawson as Dawson DeChambeau. He kicks it like DeChambeaur hits it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gloveski View Post
    No issues with Stephens missing. Watched the replay of last week and the break down of structure cost us the game , pretty much Kelly was his man He needs a full week anyway in the VFL . Will be a gun but needs to learn structure first .

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    I'm at work but I just had a quick look at the reserves v Gold Coast and seemed Stephens has had about 30 possessions

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    Assume Campbell will be our sub given he didn't play VFL?

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    I noticed Stephens limping pretty badly near the end of the game......hope he's ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bangalore Swans View Post
    Yep. Would people be happy if I referred to Jordan Dawson as Dawson DeChambeau. He kicks it like DeChambeaur hits it.
    Please dont...... just no.
    "You get the feeling that like Monty Python's Black Knight, the Swans would regard amputation as merely a flesh wound."

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcs View Post
    Please dont...... just no.
    I’ll would have to agree MCS. Bryson is on his own. Dawson did not live up to it today.

    There is charisma to a player who can do a skill amazingly well.

    I guess the best Swans long kick is not Dawson, but former academy player Michael Dickson. By far the best punter in the NFL.

    I always wondered why the Swans have never tried to get Dickson back into the fold. Surely if your the best player in your position in the NFL and can impress Pete Caroll then you should be able to impress Longmire.

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