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Thread: Match Thread. Swans v Geelong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottee View Post
    I am not by nature a conspiracy theorist but....
    Enough said.
    All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated, and well supported in logic and argument than others. -Douglas Adams, author (11 Mar 1952-2001)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodspirit View Post
    Enough said.
    So..... your'e in on it are you?
    We have them where we want them, everything is going according to plan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharp9 View Post
    There is clearly a “play on” before Darcy says “boot to ball” - careful listening on the last 2 minutes. About the 360 - was that all the umpires on one track?
    The 360 soundtrack was a little late, so I'm pretty sure it was overdubbed, probably from another game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snajik View Post
    Are you thinking of Hayward, where it was clear he hadn't heard the umpire's call?
    Yes! Isn't this the same thing? Cameron thought he had a mark, didn't hear the ump and didn't dispose of it correctly. Free kick to Paps.

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