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TB, nothing endears a player to a coach quite like old fashioned hard work and pressure! How often does Horse Longmire say it in his pressers?? It starts with the pressure in and around the contest! Chasing, tackling, coralling, smothering .. it all adds up!! You might not think highly of Rowbottom or Wicks but if you want to know why they get games every week their pressure acts might tell you!
RB has played 31 games and in 15 of those hes been in the top 3 swans for pressure acts. Almost half his games hes been a leader in the pressure category. (Hes been the outright leader in 8 of those games, which is staggering and puts holes in your "lazy" theory!!)
Wicks' numbers are just as impressive - 14 games, and hes been in top 3 swans for pressure acts in 7 of them. Thats half!
Btw these are young cygnets leading in an area that would typically be led by onfield leaders and bulls like Joey, Parks and Mills!

Against Geelong, young Dylan only had 7 pressure acts, which had him in the bottom 3 players in our team (not including the medical sub Clarke). In his 10 games so far he has been in the bottom 5 in FOUR of his matches. He has had 2 where hes been top 3 but clearly hes not producing that level on a weekly basis like the coaches need to see to have confidence to pick him every week. This is not to say he isnt a hard worker, but its a sign he might be struggling to turn that hard work into meaningful pressure on the opposition. It will come for him im sure of it but in the mean time its an area that he can improve on to earn more faith from the coaches!
Quality comment!