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Thread: Changes for Round 19 v Freo

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    Quote Originally Posted by i'm-uninformed2 View Post
    So, I’m assuming Reid is definitely in as the natural replacement for Amartey.

    But would be surprised if we go another tall in, as Reid’s time will need to be managed a bit and my instinct is they also want another look at Logan pre-finals.
    I agree. If TAP is out then Reid has to come in. Which is the better ruckman? Amartey only had 67% TOG last week, you'd reckon Reid could cover that.

    Would we try and add Logan too. It would be quite a challenging forward line: Buddy, Reid, Macdonald, Heeney, Hayward plus Papley and Wicks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolftone57 View Post
    Why don't we put this to bed. the players call him Belly or Jimmy. Leave it at that.
    Did you check whether James Bell is comfortable with the pronoun “him or “he”?

    We don’t want to offend anyone on this site 🤪
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    Jeepers, what is going on here ! Lockdowns do make people nuts….

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Dawg View Post
    I think Amartey must be carrying a niggle. He's been playing well enough to at least be on an extended bench rather than dropped outright. I wonder if McDonald will make the final cut? If so, will it be for Bell, Stephens or Rowbotton? Possibly even Wicks?
    I am hard on Wicks but he kicked 2 goals and caused some important turnovers , did his job as a small fwd

    Stephens and rowbottom shouldnt have been out there last week and that will ring even more true this week if we play them for a 3rd game in 8 days !

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    Interchange of Nick Blakey Dylan Stephens James Bell Logan McDonald James Rowbottom Ben Ronke Lewis Taylor Hayden McLean

    Only Blakey is a certain starter in the 22, the other three (plus medi sub) very much a lottery you'd reckon

    Sunny, 22, fast and dry track Sunday - noice :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig View Post
    Whenever I hear the name Bell, I can't help but think of John Bell, Northern Ireland's greatest scientist, the author of the famous Bell's Theorem, a brilliant work that has become foundational in quantum mechanics.
    John "dinga" Bell was one hell of a scientist.

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    I think they will go with a three tall set up of Logan, Franklin and Reid.

    From what I’ve been reading on Red and White, Logan has found some good recent form. I think with an extra tall forward you can manage Reid’s game and bench time more effectively.

    This move will also allow Heeney to push more into the midfield, possibly to a wing.

    People may be correct about Florent playing as a small defender instead of his regular wing position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Runner View Post
    With all due respect, that's a terrible take.

    If we want to be a serious threat at going deep in September this year, Reid is in the team as our forward / back up ruck. He was in brilliant form to start the season - competing very well in the air and dominating boundary throw ins in the forward half.
    Amartey has been ok - he's shown he's a great prospect. But Reid is easily the better option if fit.
    He's been back in reserves for a few weeks, and the next month of footy will be huge in building him up for finals.
    Not questioning Reid's ability. His injury history is diabolical. Doubt he would have lasted as long anywhere else. Likely to break down in a big game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    John "dinga" Bell was one hell of a scientist.
    He had a big influence on my life. He was a true genius. His handwriting wasn't that great though.

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    I prefer having Reid in the team than Amartey. Not knocking Amartey who I think will continue to develop into a very good player but I think Reid is overall a better player. One of the biggest differentiators between Reid and Amartey is Reid’s ability to drop back into defence. For this reason, I can also see McDonald replacing Bell so that we have two talls available at all times up forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blood Fever View Post
    Normally back match commitee but if it's Reid in, reckon he's a protected species and an injury risk.
    Buddy is an injury risk too. Do you suggest not to play him either?

    I don’t get the negativity on Reid? He is a premiership player, a bloody good player at that and I cannot recall any game where he has broken down during it?

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    At least Lobb is out. He was the difference in the last game. The fact that Meek is in the squad probably indicates Darcy is doubtful. He could hardly walk at the end of their game against Geelong.

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