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Oh dear. What was it you said last week in the match thread re: RB. The 'eyebrow raising' statement of "Shame on anyone who bagged Stephens and Rowbottom"......and yet, here you are again, back to bagging RB. After a rare case of positiveness, negative TB has returned. Maybe RB is being rewarded for an excellent second half last week? It's pretty obvious our club rewards commitment to the cause and that includes commitment to what is being asked of you off the field, which is why Stephens can't get a regular gig and RB can. Your constant questioning and criticisms of the MC selections is quite relentless and somewhat tiring.

Of course, everyone has a right to an 'opinion' but in an open forum that means anyone has the right to challenge it....and the way in which it is delivered. Maybe for a little while, try the glass half full approach to our club. That would be a refreshing change of tact.
I Said he shouldnt be bagged for his game last week , he'd played the day before ! Doesnt change the fact i thought he would be a liability today so did not agree with his selection. and he would've been if not for the majority of the rest of the team carrying him today .