Will there be any changes made to our Captaincy and Leadership Group this year?

With 2022 likely to be Josh Kennedy's final year (sadly), i'm anticipating he'll relinquish his co-captaincy role but remain in the leadership group. My hunch is either Callum Mills or Jake Lloyd will take his spot, with Mills being my preference.

Whilst acknowledging the co-captaincy model has served us well, I personally think this is a good time to revert to the traditional single captaincy model for a period due to Luke Parker imo beng such a standout and in peak of his career, who lifts our team more than any other when needed. Mills would be my Vice Captain. I know this won't happen and most would prefer continuation of the co-captaincy model.

I'm also anticipating Isaac Heeney will be promoted into the Leadership Group. Not sure if he'll replace any of the existing 8 (Parker, Kennedy, Rampe, Franklin, Papley, Cunningham, Mills & Lloyd) or if he'll be just an addition.