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Thread: Rnd 21, vs North Melbourne at Marvel, on Sunday 7 August, 1:10 PM

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    Rnd 21, vs North Melbourne at Marvel, on Sunday 7 August, 1:10 PM

    We will be playing for third spot. Either the Demons beat the Pies, and a win by us have us overtaking the Pies, or the Pies beat the Demons and we a good win by us will have us overtake the Demons.

    The thing about having a large percentage like the Demons with 131.6, is that a loss always means a big drop in percentage. E.g., if they lose 80-81 to the Pies, they will drop to 127.7% compared to our 126.5.

    Hard to drop anyone from our winning team, though Hickey is looking banged up. We might be tempted to rest someone vs North Melbourne, but we need a good win here to push for top 2!

    I think Ladhams for Hickey might be the only change, but would be ok with Logan coming in for Almartey as well. JPK and Cunningham unlucky again I guess to be injured at the wrong time and for Fox, Stephens and Clarke to be playing really well.

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    Percentage. I hate saying it as they’re the games we tend to fluff, but percentage please.
    'Delicious' is a fun word to say

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    I think the side is largely settled except for the ruck / tall situation, due to Hickey’s injury. I can see Ladhams and MacDonald coming in next week

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    Nice work on the mathematics Maltopia :-) If we could keep Norf to a low score like we did GWS, that assists in % rather than pure margin.

    No change although Amartey might be vulnerable to McDonald, and Ladhams for Hickey will depend on the latter's health. Fox and Clarke have elevated themselves over the last month, loving how solid our back line looks and Fox is a key part of that.

    Watch a little of Norf's game yesterday, they had a go but made a lot of mistakes under pressure, a lot of silly mistakes as well. Fast dry track should suit our game style.

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    Roos absolutely smashed the Bombers around the ball. Won clearances 42-22 and centre clearances 20-6.

    It’s going to be a great challenge for our mids

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    I am going to the game this week and looking forward to it. We definitely will need to be up for this game and not go into it under-estimating our opposition.

    There is an old saying, "Don't change a winning team". Based on this I expect few, if any, changes this week.

    The selectors are about to face a dilemma though with Ladhams and Hickey. I don't think they will be able to play both in the same team so it becomes a choice in the next week or two whether they go with a banged up Hickey or Ladhams as our ruck with an eye towards finals. I expect Armetey to get another game but will need to lift if he is to stay in the team for the finals.

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    Is there a case for resting Buddy for this game?

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    Agree with above comments, ruck is the main conundrum going forward with Hickey looking like he is really struggling with injury. Agree that we can't play both him and Ladhams

    I think they stick with Amartey as he is important structurally as a back up ruck, and he has earnt a run of games, but he needs to start impacting more

    Otherwise no changes, stick with a winning team. There's a bye before the finals, that's when sore bodies can be rested

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    Amarty should stay. He's competitive in the ruck, makes a contest in marking situations, and has flashes of brilliance where he kicks a goal or two. He also seems to work well with Buddy which is important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCGonasunnyday View Post
    Is there a case for resting Buddy for this game?
    I think so. I would have him fresh for the final 2 games. He'll get matched up by Ben McKay, which doesn't look favourable for us, especially if we become too Buddy conscious. I also think it's good practice to force the Swans to find targets other than Buddy. So, yes, there are plenty of good reasons to rest Buddy on the merits and not based on taking NM as easy beats.

    I think we will rest Hickey and bring in Ladhams. I would rest Buddy for McDonald.

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    Horse isn’t a rester, but Buddy was never expected to play every game and we’ve got the hot Pies off a 6 day break.

    It would allow us to play both Ladhams and Hickey against Goldy or give MacDonald another run prior to finals without dropping Amartey,

    It might signal that we are not taking Norf seriously … but i think the opposite will be true and we’ll be up for this game.

    Does anyone know what’s wrong with Hickey and whether rest will improve things?

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    I would rest Hickey and bring in Ladhams.

    Other possibilities - if they rest Buddy that would mean Armaty would stay and McDonald or McLean come in.

    I would leave Josh as the medical sub as his strength and experience would be of value in what could be a hard game.

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