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Thread: 2003 Qualifying final

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    2003 Qualifying final

    Replay of the 2003 qualifying final about to start on Foxtel. One of our best ever wins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilcott View Post
    Replay of the 2003 qualifying final about to start on Foxtel. One of our best ever wins.
    The win that began the Bloods era which continues to this day.

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    I was at the game, at the soulless Footy Park, close to the fence behind the southern goals with my two young adult sons. It was inspirational, truly Bloods stuff.

    Agree, it is one of our best wins ever. We had injuries to key players and Port were Minor Premiers and red hot favourites in front of a big crowd of their supporters. Our small patch of Swans supporters yelled ourselves hoarse!

    I think it was this game that made Allan Scott, the South Australian trucking magnate who poured the big $ into Port, to declare "we'll never win a Premiership under Mark Williams" Cue 2004 GF post game comment by Williams :-)

    Have recorded it and will watch it tonight with a lot of pleasure, albeit I'll be annoyed at the lack of HD, LOL

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    One of the great games. Every time I watch that game I’m struck by two things - bar the obvious highlights of Goodes putting in a game for the ages and Big Bazza hauling in a bag.

    One was to be reminded just how good Stewie Maxfield was as a player. That goal he banged through from about 70-80m out when it bounced through as Goodes was heading into the goal square was brilliant. The other was the goal that followed Leo’s big collision with Wanganeen at centre half back, with a series of sweeping handballs to start the chain forward and finished with Cresswell running inside 50 to slot one on the angle.
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    I could be wrong but I swear that when the Swannie’s went about 40 points up with a goal to the left hand end…Huddo said “I see it, but I don’t believe it!” Also was that the game Byron ironed Kirkie out…but he jumped straight back to his feet? Also post game BBB said that Goodesy was awesome and to “Get on him for the Brownlow” perhaps forgetting that finals games don’t count 😃

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