Over the years the 1st division Sydney comp has had many names.

The overall history is that an eight team semi professional league is the natural amount of teams for a high level comp. Home and away plus a bye and a rep weekend.

So, what teams?

IMO all teams must have a junior base.

North Shore, Baulko, Penno, Easts/UNSW and St George are givens.

Add in Sydney Uni for their inner city work and private school connections.

So that leaves three into two?

UTS are a barnacle that adds little to the lcoal game. Drop them to the lower leagues and win flags against Penrith or Cronulla.

Manly have a good junior league and should be retained.

Wests have poor juniors and a marginal leagues club that used to bankroll them. I’d keep them for now but what we really need is a strong western Sydney team like what Campbelltown used to be. Problem is that, despite GWS AFL in western Sydney has never been weaker