Good player for Gus Sheldrick to model himself on!

Neale is a great illustration of how hard the best players work to develop their games. He came into the Freo side as an instant ball magnet but was often a case of quantity rather than quality. I remember a game we played against Freo many years back in which four midfielders each got over 40 possessions. I can’t remember exactly which two Swans it was (Hanners and one of Parker or JPK, I think) and the two Freo players were Mundy and Neale. Mundy was very good but I remember watching Neale and thinking it might be the worst 40 possession game ever. Lots of cheap handballs, useless short kicks backwards and hospital passes to team mates. (Swans won the game very comfortably.)

But as he’s grown more experienced, everything he does has become purposeful. He can still find the ball at will but he uses it so intelligently. He doesn’t have an Errol- boot on him but he still finds targets in dangerous spots, and rarely pass his stats with cheapies.