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Thread: Swans Off Season Discussion

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    Slightly off-topic, but a timely reminder that off-field injuries are not just sustained by Swans players.

    Golf balls, stingrays and garden stakes: 10 weird off-field injuries ( Mills' injury is included in this list.
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    FWIW, Mark Robinson has released his end of year top 50 players list in the Hun. Won't link as I always screw it up, but: Blakey at 26 the only Swan in other than (as expected), Errol at 7. Robbo has been high on Errol for a long time, so no surprise to see him place him among the true elite of the game - even if performances justify it.
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    I am watching matches without Buddy. We are going to have plenty of Amartey Party, Logan Showgun, Macca Pakka, these guys are gonna be really good as they mature and learn concentration

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