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We don't know the whole story other than what Melb media are now saying, which is all based on hearsay, not fact. Other than the statement from the Swans that Mills has done his shoulder, we haven't heard from Mills himself. And now Konstanty's name is up in lights. Let the dust settle and see how really serious the injury is. The Melb media are saying Mills is out for 24!!!!!
I asked Google (don't laugh) this question: "What is the recovery time for a torn rotator cuff....torn off the bone?"

Answer: It takes six to eight weeks for the tendon to heal to the bone. Complete recovery time varies by size of the tear. For a small tears, full recovery time is about four months, for large tears, six months. For severe, massive tears, a complete recovery can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

He's a frickin' idiot. His common sense should be questioned, his leadership in question.