And now Gowans has been recognised as AFLCA AFLW coach of the year, sharing the award with Starcevich.

This might be churlish, but I'm a little surprised he didn't win it outright. I know Brisbane lost a couple of players coming into this season but their list didn't take much of a hit the year before so they've not been too badly affected by the rapid expansion. And yes, they're into another grand final - an admirable achievement - but they didn't have the most consistent season, losing a couple of games they wouldn't have expected to lose given the depth and quality on their list.

So yes, another excellent season from Brisbane, but not unexpectedly so compared to the gains Gowans achieved with our women coming off their debut season and with a list still far inferior to the "Big Three" (now a "Big Five").

Gowans & Starcevich crowned AFL Coaches Association AFLW Senior Coach of the Year